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About Us

A Community that wants to help

‘Hidden Warriors’ Warriors walk among us

Hidden Warriors CIC established late 2019 by 4 friends that are predominantly located in the West Midlands and Devon. Our aim is to help families that are engaged in struggle or conflict.
We recognise that Family is the single most important influence in a child’s life. From their first moments of life, children depend on parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs.

Where we Started

Since 2019

Our team at Hidden Warriors CIC have many years’ experience working within the Armed Forces and share a passion for helping others in ways of support or fundraising for charities. Our founder worked closely with a registered charity for nearly 6 years and the knowledge/experience prompted Hidden Warriors CIC to be established. A gap was identified that Veteran Support is abundant with a high number of registered charities but there is less that are focused on the Family Support for partners or children. We believe that building relationships with other CIC’s, Charities and Businesses can help relieve the burden of struggle that is experienced by many in the UK today. Our story will evolve as we follow our business plan with our main focus being charitable intent. 

Gavin Tuach

Founder, Director Senior Control

Still serving with the Royal Navy since joining in 2003 Gavin has been involved with planning and participation for many fundraising events that has raised thousands of pounds for Veterans

After a successful time as an Ambassador for a registered charity Gavin decided it was time for a new Challenge and the idea of Hidden Warriors CIC was formed. Looking to the future, Hidden Warriors CIC will try to help as many families as possible that are involved in struggle or conflict.

Hayley Tuach


After 6 years ‘ service in the Royal Navy Hayley has worked in numerous roles as an Administrator and Personal Assistant for different companies. Her experience with managing numerous tasks on a regular basis equips her well for the role of Director and joint lead on merchandise for Hidden Warriors CIC.

Very caring and a willingness to help others, Hayley has the best interests of the beneficiaries of Hidden Warriors CIC and will strive to help families live a better life.

Mark Rae

Co-Founder, Director

A current serving member of the Armed Forces, Mark joined the Royal Navy in 2002 straight from school. He has since been deployed around the world on various operations, where he has witnessed some of the poorest countries, where there is a daily struggle to live.

As a father of 3, Mark is more than aware of the daily pressures that can be faced by families in the UK. Therefore, he has teamed up with the other directors to help relieve these pressures from families and create a better life for all involved.

Lee Cox


I served in the Royal Navy for 17 years before being medically discharged in 2013. I am a keen cyclist and have participated in many events from Ride London to the Fred Whitton Challenge. After answering the call for participants for a charity ride in 2018 organised by Gav a new friendship was born.

Since then I’ve joined the team on two more charity rides and assisted with route planning. I’m very honoured to be asked to be a representative for Hidden Warriors CIC and I’m looking forward to what the future holds.