Little Warrior Harris, Wins Battle with Cancer

When Hidden Warriors CIC Directors Mark and Terri Rae first received the call from Harris’ nursery, they were not too concerned. They asked for a photo, but when they received it, his parents were shocked to see a lot of blood with clots.

Mark said: “My wife picked him up straight away. We phoned the doctors who took the same opinion of us.” It was only when we sent the picture they said we need to go to hospital.”

Harris had an ultrasound scan which revealed a mass on his kidney, but he needed further tests to determine what it was.

The next day he was booked in for a full CT scan and MRI. His parents were told the news that Harris had Wilm’s tumour, a rare type of cancer of the kidney. Mark said: “I think I knew from the start, I had my suspicions just because of how bad the blood was. I think I just didn’t want to believe it until someone said it.”

Harris went on to have four weeks of chemotherapy at Bristol Children’s Hospital. During his first round of treatment he suffered from an infection.

Harris Rae

Due to coronavirus, only one parent could be on the ward with Harris at one time. Mum Terri and Dad Mark would swap between their son’s bedside and the nearby CLIC Sargent Home from Home, Sam’s House. As Mark and Terri could not both be on the ward, the couple adopted a shift pattern to plan when they would swap between the Home and Harris’ bedside.

Because of the fantastic support by Cancer Charity CLIC Sargent, Mark with family and friends took on an 18000 Burpee Challenge for September that managed to raise over £1000 for CLIC Sargent. Harris often joined in with his Dad and spurred him on to complete each set, even on days when he had treatment.

Mark said: “He thinks I’m dancing, so he’s doing the dancing with me. Even on days when he’s had chemotherapy, he joins in with me, full of energy. He never fails to amaze me.”

Harris, who celebrated his 2nd birthday at the beginning of September, rang the ‘End of Treatment Bell’ one week later. An amazing way to showcase the Cancer Awareness month, that, via media outlets managed to raise awareness of Childhood Cancer.

Harris’s story inspired the Little Warrior T-shirts. It allowed family and friends to show their support for Harris, Mark and Terri. During Harris’s treatment over 30 T-shirts were purchased with funds being used to help support other Little Warriors in their own cancer battles. The Little Warrior T-shirts can now be customised to add the name of your own Little Warrior and are available to purchase via our online shop.

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