What We Have Done

Back in December 2021 Hidden Warriors CIC were awarded £2,500 from the Doing Our Bit Fund, Staffordshire. The fund was applied for as we recognised the requirement to support those in the local community affected by the Covid Pandemic.

Since December we have helped in a number of ways utilising the Doing Our Bit Fund, here are some of the projects that we have been involved with:

  • Hidden Warriors Christmas Boxes were provided to 17 families with children. The boxes were produced in accordance with the family size, ages, gender and contained at least one present for each of the children, family games, food items, warm winter clothing, books and deodorant/shower gel sets.
  • Supporting families in the Community. We supported a widow and her two teenage daughters that were experiencing their first Christmas without their Dad. Hidden Warriors CIC produced a unique Christmas Box that contained gift vouchers for the mum and daughters, festive food, gifts and essentials. Another family was supported with a unique Christmas Box and a fresh food delivery. The parent had just escaped from an abusive relationship and had two young sons to take care of.
  • Assisted Living Complex. Two days before Christmas we delivered boxes of chocolates and sweets for every resident at the 55 assisted living accommodation complex. Since January 2021 we have had a local flower company deliver fresh flowers on a weekly basis to the complex. The flowers are placed at reception for the residents to enjoy and take a stem or two away with them to their living space. During this difficult time for many we have also supported 22 birthdays. For each birthday the recipient receives their own personal fresh flowers bouquet, cake and chocolates. The residents have also been supplied with new jigsaw puzzles, art therapy books and pens. All the above has been done to Tackle Loneliness and combat anxiety caused by the pandemic.
  • Ingredients to You. In partnership with other Community Support Groups and using the Children’s Centre, on a fortnightly basis we supply fresh ingredients and recipe cards to 20 families. This project has run for 10 sessions and will help families that are experiencing food poverty but also get families to cook with fresh ingredients.

In conclusion the £2500 Doing Our Bit Fund has supported approximately 40 families with children in a variety of ways and a minimum of 55 elderly personnel during the pandemic.

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