School Uniforms

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School Uniform Initiative

Why School Uniforms?

School uniforms instil pride, unity and school vanity. When wearing uniforms, children often feel more “important” since they belong to a group. Uniforms give a sense of belonging, and a code of conduct is imposed on the pupil.

School uniform in some instances can be expensive to purchase for some families and therefore the child may wear something that is not recognised as uniform or make do with hand downs/old clothing.

Wearing uniform that is insufficient can sometimes lead to children being bullied or feeling excluded. School uniforms help address these issues; eliminating unwanted distractions and allowing children to focus on their learning.

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How Hidden Warriors Can Help

Our Aim

For no child to feel excluded when wearing school uniform. We will work with schools that can identify children from families that may need our help.

How this will work

Schools will be approached and asked to work with us on this initiative. Schools can provide our details to the families that may need assistance. Families can also approach us directly for help. The uniform will either be produced by our partners Tailored Branding that already produce quality school uniform or we will contact the supplier already in place. For each case this will be assessed by the Directors before the help is provided. A record will be kept of those helped, this will include the name of person seeking help, the date and age of child. Hidden Warriors CIC will abide by the Data Protection Act and will not pass on any details to third parties.


This simple but effective idea fulfils our community interest statement of helping families that are in engaged in some struggle or conflict. This could be financial but also could resolve some instances of unwarranted bullying due to a child not conforming to the same school uniform policy as others.