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Sport & Activity clubs provide an opportunity for children to learn skills that will help them in school, as well as in their future careers and personal relationships.
Some of the many benefits of sport, is its capacity to develop higher self-esteem, improve social skills, boost self-confidence and resilience.

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How Hidden Warriors Can Help

Our Aim

Hidden Warriors CIC aim is to assist predominantly the children of Armed Forces Veterans that are experiencing difficulties in being enrolled to a sports/activity club. We will also aim to locate Hidden Warriors within a family unit that could be experiencing difficult circumstances. For example, an illness with a primary carer that could restrict the activities available for the child/ren.

How this will work

Families can get in touch with Hidden Warriors CIC via the details to be provided on the website. All applications will be assessed on a case by case basis by the Directors and on the assumption, there are adequate funds to enrol the child/ren on the chosen sport/activity. Hidden Warriors CIC will also look to build partnerships with sports/activity clubs that may lead to an agreement of discounted prices for the Hidden Warriors that are enrolled.


The mental benefits of sport, improves your mood, reduces stress and depression, improves sleep habits, boosts your self-confidence. Attending a sports/activity club can really help the wellbeing of identified Hidden Warriors, it can also act as a reward. Most clubs charge a fee for involvement and this is where Hidden Warriors CIC can help. This fulfils our community interest statement of helping our target community that maybe in engaged in some struggle or conflict.