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During what has been an unprecedented time there has been many positive stories of how people have gone above and beyond to help others through this difficult time. We like to think of these people as Hidden Warriors, they do what they can to improve a situation and the majority of time with no fanfare or acknowledgment from others. There is nothing wrong with this at all and many may want to stay Hidden but for those that you think deserve some recognition and possibly be rewarded we want to hear your stories.

This is your chance to nominate yourself or others to win a fabulous 4 night stay at a beautiful location in Cornwall. One of Hidden Warriors CIC supporters, Clare Brewer has kindly donated this fabulous prize so that a family can enjoy a holiday once the Coronavirus situation improves. The accommodation and location details can be found at: https://www.cornishhorizons.co.uk/north-coast-cottages/st-merryn/p00499-carnevas-farmhouse

To enter we ask that you to email your nomination to info@hiddenwarriors.co.uk along with a brief story of how your nominee has made a difference during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Once your email is received we will acknowledge and allocate your nomination a number, we will also ask if the story can be shared via our social media/website. Each nomination received will receive a number as we don’t believe that the positive stories can be judged so all numbers will be put into a draw and one picked at random to select the winner.

This really is a fantastic prize that has been kindly donated to reward a worthy family to enjoy a break in a beautiful location. We look forward to receiving your nominations.

A couple of Terms and Conditions: 1) Booking dates are in agreement with the accommodation owner and outside of school holidays. 2) Bookings can be from Thurs – Mon or Mon – Fri. 3) The accommodation sleeps 5 plus an infant, is dog friendly. 4) The winner selected at random from Hidden Warriors CIC is final. 5) The winner will have to arrange their own travel to the accommodation. 6) Hidden Warriors CIC accepts no responsibility for loss or damages during your journey and stay at the accommodation. 7) Rebooking of stay at the accommodation is at the discretion of the owner. 8) All nominations to be received by 2359 on Friday 3rd July 2020. Winner announced Friday 10th July 2020.

7 thoughts on “We Want to Hear From YOU”

  1. I nominate Sarah and John Athan there key workers that go above and beyond for anyone.

    Sarah has boosted my mental health and has been through extremely hard times and so johnathan has had hard time through covid 29 and will go out of his way to help anyone they have amazing big hearts and deserve this treat I think they deserve this and they are always positive I wish for Sarah and johnathan a holiday.

    I was struggling with my own issues and they have been there there amazing and beautiful and kind and true heroes so there’s not much more to say apart from when I’m having a bad day or feel low they pick me up.

    True heroes well deserving of this prize

    • Hi Karl,
      Thank you for your nomination,Sarah and John sound like amazing people.
      Your nomination for a chance to win a 4 Night family stay is Number 05 for the draw.
      We will be in touch prior to the draw taking place.

      Thank you again.
      Take care.

  2. I nominate Toni Bailey.

    She is a community care assistant and student teacher, during lockdown she has been assisting families with resources and lessons off her own back whilst also looking after seriously poorly people in their own homes. And volunteering in the community running errands, checking up on people. She has done all this with a smile on her face and a cheery disposition.

    Every free minute she has, has been for others. Such an amazing 23 year old

    • Hi Christopher. Thank you for nominating Toni Bailey for the Hidden Warrior prize draw to win a 4 Night family stay. Toni sounds like a great person that does so much for so many.
      Toni is Number 07 for the draw. We will be in touch prior to the draw taking place.
      Good luck and thank you for sharing.

  3. I nominate Kevin Pugh he is a NHS key worker supporting healthcare professionals with IT so they can work safely from home. He goes above and beyond (I’m always telling him to finish work and the answer is always in 5 minutes!) Our family and two boys would love a holiday so daddy could have some time off after all his hard worm

    • Hi Lynsay,
      Thank you for nominating Kevin Pugh. All NHS staff have done our Country proud and Kevin’s work is so valuable.
      Kevin is Number 08 for the draw to win a 4 Night family stay. We will be in touch prior to the draw taking place.
      Thank you again and best of luck.


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